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Chimney Sweeps Surrey

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How often should my chimney be cleaned?

All chimneys should be inspected yearly by a certified professional and cleaned as required.

The inspection is necessary to ensure that the chimney has adequate draft, is free of debris and cracks, has no loose or missing mortar joints and is otherwise free of damage.

When is the best time of the year to have my chimney cleaned?

We recommend having your chimney swept or inspected in the summer.

There is a greater appointment availability than in the Winter, and if repairs are need, you'll have at least 6 months to complete them.

What can I do with smoke coming back?

First check that your damper is fully open. Open a window or door to allow replacement air into the room.

If it continues Contact us and we can inspect the problem.

How do you Sweep a chimney?

A chimney flue is cleaned with special brushes that fit your chimney flue.

We clean most chimneys from inside the house. This method allows for more control of the dust.

The brushes are attached to flexible poles, we add poles as needed to push the brush up into the flue. We can only do this as fast as our special chimney vacuum collects the debris.

The walls of the fireplace are cleaned by hand using wire brushes.

Does a chimney sweep remove the black from the wall of the fireplace?

No. We can only clean off the soot on the surface of the brick.

Each time you burn a fire this black changes according to how hot you burn your fire.